Sky Point Structures

We Use Shipping Containers To Build A Variety Of Structures

  • Industrial & Work Environments
  • Military Uses
  • Specialized Storage Facilities
  • Retail Shopping & "Pop-Up" Shops
  • Living Spaces
  • Recreational Spaces (Hunting & Fishing Camps, Entertainment)


Let the engineering and construction experts at Sky Point Structures walk you through the design and production process. Our team has more than 40+ years of design and construction experience giving you the confidence that your project will be done on time, on budget and with a high level of craftsmanship.

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Why Use Shipping Containers For Construction?

Safe & reliable

Built to last under the most extreme circumstances, our containers are safe and reliable no matter what. ​


Using recycled and green building materials allows you to contribute positively to the green movement, while still keeping your costs low. ​


Utilizing shipping containers means you can cut back on costs, while getting you into your new structure in no time!

Strong & durable

Constructed to be strong and durable. The containers are built to be stacked 9 high and full of goods!​

Standard Shipping Container Sizes:​

  • 20’ Length x 8’ Wide x 8’6” High (6.06m x 2.43m x 2.59m)​
  • 40’ Length x 8’ Wide x 8’6” High (12.2m x 2.43m x 2.59m) ​
  • 40’ units also available in high cubes (9’6” High). (12.2m x 2.89m x 2.59m) ​
  • High cube containers are most suitable for construction.​

REtail is changing

The changes in retail engagement with your customer will continue to evolve, as E-commerce, Amazon and other online outlets grow, engaging your customers in a meaningful, memorable setting is a must for today’s retailers.

Conventional “brick and mortar” stores are expensive and in the crosshairs of e-commerce giants.  Having the flexibility to take YOUR BRAND EXPERIENCE to your customer is a proven strategy to engage your customer in an environment they are comfortable with.

Let the construction experts at Sky Point Structures create a “memorable” brand experience for your company, whether it is a small footprint establish or a mobile pop-up shop.

Key Points For Retailers To Consider

  • Lower costs and faster speed to market ​
  • “Sustainable / green” building construction materials​
  • Unique brand engagement opportunities​
  • Test new markets with less capital expense​
  • Go where your potential customers are! (Festivals, fairs, major events)​
  • Quickly respond to opportunities to showcase your brand​